Privacy Policy


It’s nice to meet you. Especially nice because we know you care about taking care of the Bay Area’s natural wonders. We care about the same thing.

If we’re going to do our part to preserve the places we love, and we’re going to do that together, we need to trust each other. Here’s what we will do. We will provide ways that you can get involved, take action and use your Outdoor Voice. We will connect, inspire, and energize. Here’s what we hope you will do. We encourage you to sign up, get involved, speak out, fulfill your civic responsibility to vote, and post/tweet with wild abandon. We ask that you don’t take the parks you love for granted.

There’s one thing we won’t do. We will not rent, share, or sell our subscriber list. We appreciate that you gave us your email and let us into your inbox. Thank you for that, and for getting involved.

Periodically we will ask you for more information about yourself. The additional information will help us share with you stuff that you care about. We will not share that information, either. For example, if you love going to Mount Diablo, we want to tell you about what you can do to ensure that mountain stays accessible and beautiful. We may share this information with third parties, but only in aggregate and anonymous form. It might something like: 50% of our subscribers have young kids or 70% of our subscribers are registered voters. Or 100% of our subscribers care about Bay Area parks and open spaces.

Behind Outdoor Voice is the Bay Area Open Space Council, a regional coalition of organizations who care about protecting land from unfettered development, taking care of the land, and connecting people to these natural wonders. We are in the nine counties of the Bay Area plus Santa Cruz County. We make publicly accessible over 1 million acres of parks, take care of thousands of miles of trails, protect farmlands, and deliver thousands of programs every year. And we want to join hands with you to preserve the Bay Area’s natural wonders for people today and for future generations.

Thank you for using your Outdoor Voice. We look forward to making a difference with you.


Annie Burke and the team of outdoor-loving, voice-using people behind Outdoor Voice

P.S. Have questions? Email us, send a letter to 2150 Allston Way, Suite 320, Berkeley, CA 94704, or call us at 510 809 8009 ext 252.